Tha_Guts . Mycelium Network



In Mycelium Network, Tha_Guts walks towards his ecosystem of origin, allowing our imagination to enter into a lonely dance in search of new possibilities of contact and connection networks that strengthen the dialogue between the inhabitants and their environment. In this organic/synthetic landscape, in search of oxygen and delirium, our body is surrounded by tender and spongy textures that pierce the pores of our skin, seeking the aesthetic mimesis which makes the work an integral part of the environment itself. In the exchange of narratives on the album, the artist invites us to dance in his own time, presenting an ambience in which sounds exist with the purpose of fulfilling a macrostructural function in the development of the whole. Manifesting that, to exist as a group and remain, we need to expand the current configuration to an adjacent communication model, in which each one aware of their existence can offer ideas and nutrients to the next. The universe is - and it’ll always be - unstable and volatile. In this tangible body that we wear as Now, we feel insecure in the face of the immateriality of time and the oscillation of atoms. Therefore, amidst the noise and delicate ambiences that guide the work, we walk lost among the clouds in a dream without a script and without an outcome. Walking aimlessly is sometimes necessary and pleasurable. If electronic music has always been aerial and liquid, Mycelium Network emerges from behind new limits with a certain anthropophagic controversy, remembering that dance is not the art of creating empty gestures.


Artwork by Rollinos
Mastered by RHR