MJP . B-Sides Vol. 2 (Lost Tapes 2003​-​2008)



Lost and/or founds by the multi-artist MJP from São Paulo comes up under the name B-Sides Vol. 2 (Lost Tapes 2003​-​2008). After the first release in 2013, by Beatwise Records, the artist now delivers 9 original beats to the dsrptv rec catalogue, compositions as complex as the body of his work. Fragmented, immediate and visceral tracks that come together in an incredibly rich mosaic of references. With precise samples that are not necessarily interested in an outcome, in 4 beats or less the cuts are fired with a fast attack, providing force and originality to the interpretations. From jazz's blue notes to strident timbres, the recordings used by MJP carry the dirt of the samples with them in a surgical wit, like frozen frames that gain movement with the drums. The groove of the bass lines always incorporated allows the beats to be coherent, without abandoning the suspicious posture of someone who is always aware. Sober most of the time, the work has brief moments of relaxation – acidic, satirical. Produced on an old computer, those with cases, monitor and mouse in the mid 2000's, the EP is a lofi work before it was cool. In addition to being a producer, MJP as a visual artist composes beats that can be listened to as paintings. Each one presents a complex scene, fragments of a life, which do not try to hide the confusion of the days, moving forward with restless curiosity. As a true work of art lost in time that now emerges from the shadows, B-Sides Vol. 2 is like a flea behind the ear.


Artwork Rollinos
Mastered RHR